Your Ultimate Password Management Solution

Are you tired of the never-ending hassle of password resets? Is your IT department overwhelmed with requests to unlock accounts and update passwords? PassGate is here to revolutionize your password management experience!




PassGate is your go-to cybersecurity and password management solution that empowers employees to take control of their passwords without IT department intervention. Say goodbye to the wasted hours and resources spent on password resets and welcome a streamlined, efficient solution that reduces the workload on your IT personnel.

Why Choose PassGate?

Multiple Platform Integration

PassGate allows you to manage passwords across multiple platforms, including AD, SAP, Enocta, OpenLDAP, AS/400, and more, all in one place.

Initiate with SMS

Users can manage their passwords with a simple text message, even when outside the corporate network.

Quick Setup

PassGate offers a hassle-free setup process, including software and database setup, so you can get started promptly.




PassGate employs a range of methods to ensure a seamless experience for your employees:

SMS Password Resets: Users can reset passwords and unlock accounts with a simple SMS, no matter where they are, inside or outside the office.

Self-Service Web Portal: Employees can reset passwords and obtain new ones via SMS after confirming their identity with a validation code sent to their phones.

Profile Updates: Employees can conveniently update their profile information through the web panel.

Mobile App: Download PassGate’s mobile app to reset passwords, unlock accounts, and make password changes directly from your mobile device.



PassGate enables effortless self-service for employees to manage passwords, profiles, and accounts through:

  • SMS,

  • web panel,

  • and mobile app.

It enhances cybersecurity, complies with ISO27001, offers proactive account management, and provides a convenient mobile app for password management on iOS and Android devices.

Your Security Is Our Priority

Keyword-Based SMS: Users can send SMS with keywords like “Password” for resets, and additional security measures such as “Identity Number,” “Registration Number,” or “Secret Question” can be included in the SMS content.

MFA Support: PassGate supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for added security.

Password Complexity: Passwords adhere to your main system’s complexity requirements.

Password Expiration: Enforce password expiration policies to enhance overall security.

Restrictions: Control access by restricting the number of successful and failed password reset requests.

Minimal Data Usage: PassGate has SMS features, allowing you to turn off call and internet functions on the SIM card.

What Can IT Do?

Account Management: Create and reset accounts through the administration panel.

Profile Updates: Manage profile update requests.

Demand Reports: Access demand reports for specific time periods.

Access Control: Restrict user access.

Customization: Customize the web portal view and content.

What Can Users Do?

Self-Service: Reset and change passwords, unlock locked accounts, and update profiles via SMS and the web application.

Uniform Passwords: Create a single password for all accounts, including SAP, Oracle, Enocta, and more, used outside of Active Directory.

Ready to learn more?

Dedicated salesperson will help you to discover how PassGate can transform your password management experience.